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Choros III (Koroška) @ Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt 8.9.–6.10.2017


Choros (III) Koroška, Stillshot

The author/choreographer Sandra Man and the visual artist/choreographer Moritz Majce have been working together since 2010. What distinguishes their collaboration is that they view and produce choreography not from the perspective of the performing arts but rather as a visual art: as art in space.


Choros (III) Koroška, Stillshot

For the exhibition Choros III (Koroška), conceived by the duo as an artistic research project on the choir and choreography, they have developed outdoor choral constellations as a way of engaging with the specific spatial conditions of landscape as “nature”, and with the possibilities for its reception as well as with its acoustics, its prospects, and its horizon. In parallel, an exhibition will be presented at Kunstraum Lakeside that is also composed as a kind of “landscape” of various views and sounds.


Choros stomped @ Tanzböden, Polinik

The work includes various elements of the “choral”, including the ancient Greek term choros, meaning circular, sung dance; the dance floor and those who dance upon it; and the linking of dance, theater, and music. The choir is perceived as a spatial network of sensory relations. In a direct confrontation with the audience, the spatial choreography is realized independently of the media used as a movement between all elements and the audience. Vital to this exercise is the direct encounter with the landscape of Carinthia, which served as the production setting for all voice and video recordings, all of which were made outdoors in the alpine region. Body and voice are seen as part of nature here, reacting to the weather and the topographical conditions. Reference is also made to the political and ideological appropriation of the landscape and the choir in the course of history, whereby the work does not merely take up this critical thread but rather reconceives landscape, choir, and space as a multidimensional fabric that is not there for the taking and belongs to no one.


Choros (III) Koroška, Making Of @ Striedensee

IDEA + CONCEPT: Moritz Majce + Sandra Man
VOICE + MOVEMENT: Christine Börsch-Supan
OUTSIDE EYE: Katharina Wallisch
CURATOR: Nora Leitgeb

Wir bedanken uns bei Lakeside Labs GmbH für die großzügige Unterstützung bei den Videoaufnahmen mit einer Drohne und bei Franz Habich für die Steuerung, sowie bei der Agrargemeinschaft Nachbarschaft Söbriach für den freundlichen Zugang zu einer ihrer Almen.

Eröffnung: 7. September 2017, 18.30 Uhr

Kunstraum Lakeside • Lakeside B02 • 9020 Klagenfurt • +43 463 22 88 22-20

Call for Choreutic Movers: 8+9 July 2017 (+Oct/Nov)


Narziss Echo, model view


Part 1: 8 + 9 July 2017, 16–20h Uferstudios (can be done separately)
Part 2: 10–14 days rehearsals in October 2017
Part 3: 4 presentations in early November 2017

We are working on a revised version of our piece „Narziss Echo“ ( The premiere was in March at imagetanz festival in Vienna and there will be presentations in the beginning of November in Berlin at Open Spaces festival of Tanzfabrik. For the performances in Berlin we will be reworking some parts and making new ones. While in the first version we have been working with a single dancer we now want to work with what we call a „space chorus“ of 12–15 people.

The project deals with the relation between audience and performer, engaging in questions of looking and identifying as performing (watching, being looked at, being/performing a spectator); it is an installational setting with a limited amount of audience members. We will play with the inside and the outside of the setting, using the whole space incl. the audience area as the stage and moving spectators only slowly from the frame and the outside into the inside and the seats of „their“ space.

First, there is a video shooting on 8th and 9th July, from 16–20h at Uferstudios. Second, there will be appr. 10–14 days of rehearsal in October. Third, there will be four shows in Berlin in the first November week. We cannot pay for the video shooting, for the presentations in October and November we do have a budget. For more information about our work see

If you are interested please send a mail incl. CV to

Open Studio: Call for Audience: 29 June, 4+5 July


Tryout at 3AM – Filaments and Voids, photo by Rasmus Bell

Thursday, 29 June 2017, 20h30
Tuesday, 04 July 2017, 20h30
Wednesday, 05 July 2017, 20h30

Künstlerhaus, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

Between representation and participation lies the audience space. It is the space where a piece takes place. It is bigger and wider than we usually think and feel. It has more than one side, it is multidimensional. It is your body with all its weight and volume, with all its senses: listening, watching, feeling – in all directions.

Let’s try to see the Zuschauerraum, the space reserved for the audience, differently: not as the space where an audience is placed to watch the piece but as the space an audience is being given by a piece. Let’s understand and experience Zuschauerraum not just as a designated area in a building but as the space of a perceiving audience; a space that is not anyway there before and after the piece but a space that consists of Zuschauerkörper – perceiving living breathing feeling moving bodies full of energies, impulses, desires. Let’s think Zuschauerraum not as the seats you are taking but as the space your bodies are making. Let’s try out and explore this Zuschauerraum in present tense.

It’s common to expect and wish that performers move the audience. Let’s find out what it could be for performers to not only move the audience but be moved by it. Be moved by gazes, breaths, sounds, by the impulses and energy of an audience; by where the audience is and how it is. By an audience who is present, open, aware of all senses and thus transformed in a way that allows to fully explore all sensual dimensions of watching.

What would it need for that – as a training for performers as well as audience members?
Could there be a training that includes and involves an audience as well as performers? Is there a way to work on and explore the act of watching, the energy of perceiving as what moves the performers? What comes out if the performance becomes really dependent on the real presence of an audience? What happens if there is nothing else or behind this being perceived and being perceived becomes being moved?

During the last two months we trained a lot to be open and to use all our senses. We worked on looking, listening, feeling as relations to each other and a flow of contacts as reasons to move and be moved. We would like to find ways of sharing this openness with an audience who wants to become part of the contact zones we try to open up and dive in.

We propose three evenings of rehearsals with audience; we would like to find out more about the experience of being a Zuschauerkörper and about the ways our bodies can be moved by your presence.

Thursday, 29 June 2017, 20h30
Tuesday, 04 July 2017, 20h30
Wednesday, 05 July 2017, 20h30

Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin
(next to Badeschiff, Arena and Club der Visionäre)

There will be a limited number of participants, please let us know if and when you come by sending an email to

Please be on time, the door downstairs is locked and will open only once at 20h30.