Monthly Archives: January 2021

New Live Art Writing Platform STREAM


Stream is a platform for texts motivated by live art.

During the first lockdown in spring 2020 the idea for a writing platform was born. We came together as a group of dancers, performers, choreographers and curators busy with live art and the desire to write. We founded Stream because we want a channel for writing about live art that is neither daily nor academic business.

Interviewed by Elena Philipp from the journal TanzRaumBerlin we describe our motives and motivations:

Kanal für die Schreiblust (1) (text in German)
Kanal für die Schreiblust (2) (text in German)

The current authors are: Angela Alves, Sasha Amaya, Beatrix Joyce, Inky Lee, Sandra Man, Lea Pischke, Nicola van Straaten, Susanna Ylikoski, Felicitas Zeeden.