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Call for Participants: Relational Flow Workshop | May 2022


© Sandra Man + Moritz Majce, 2022

Berlin-based visual artist and choreographer Moritz Majce, working together with writer, video artist and choreographer Sandra Man, is looking for dancers/movers/performers to take part in their next Relational Flow workshop. The aim of the workshop is to find new people to work together in the long term. The next projects by Moritz Majce and Sandra Man will take place in summer (live outdoor installation, Jul till Sep), and later in the year (live multiroom installation, Oct till Feb).
The workshop is conducted in Berlin by Moritz (he/him, AUT) together with the dancer, performer and body coach Sigal Zouk (she/her, ISR).
About Relational Flow
Together with Sandra, Moritz is creating Space Choreographies: moving installations and walk-through live performances. Choreographic videos, installational objects, spoken lyrics, dancers and performers form fluid surroundings for spectators. In the centre of their work is the relation of nature, community and technology.
One basic element of Space Choreography is a spatial practice between several dancers that Sandra and Moritz started with the work Chora in 2019, and Moritz has since developed further: the Relational Flow. In essence it is about working with a space of attraction between bodies, developing a multidirectional attentiveness and relating to always more than one other body. Dancers take the relations between each other and to visitors as impulses and as material: they let themselves be moved by proximity and distance, by spatial affects. They dance the connections between the bodies, thereby creating simultaneous streams of movement that spread from bodies through bodies to other bodies. Relational Flow practices the intensification of the bodies‘ sensitivity to each other and develops a common vocabulary of relating that is visible to the outside. For visitors, whose concrete presence in the space becomes part of the dancers‘ movements, it feels as if the flow of movement is passing through them. A common space is created by bodies moving together and allows visitors to relate to it in a different way. One feels how the movements of the dancers form a both common and heterogeneous group body, experiences oneself as “being danced”.
Relational Flow follows certain principles, but is fundamentally plastic. The work changes with each dancer who joins. It is an attempt to realise a different corporeal relation to the audience (we rather call them “cohabitants”) as well as inbetween dancers/performers. From a dancer´s perspective it is about taking the spatial and physical reality of the visitors seriously, leaving the concept of performing subjects in front of disembodies eyes behind, rather caring for and sharing a relational space with cohabitants. It follows a basic intuition that connects the practice with a specific understanding of inclusion.
See also: The Basic Principles of Relational Flow

Organisational Details
The workshop takes place in Berlin. It consists of one intro-day (half day, 4 hours), followed by a 4-day workshop (à 4 hours + 30 min break per day).
The intro day will take place on 7, 8, 9, and 10 May (it will be only one of these days for you in case we invite you). The intro day serves both sides to find out whether we and you want to continue working together in the actual workshop.
There will be two 4-day workshop units, which take place from 14–17 May, and from 19–22 May (i.e. it would be either one of these periods for you). The four workshop days are paid (€350 total), the intro day is not paid.
The workshop is independent from our projects, we see it however as a way to meet new people and find out if they and us feel like working together. The reason for doing this workshop is to find new people we want to work together in the long term. Our next projects will take place in summer (outdoor work, Jul till Sep), and later in the year (multiroom work, Oct till Feb).
For whom
Professional dancers/movers/performers; preferably Berlin-based (this is not a must but we cannot cover travel and accomodation costs).
For the development of the practice, each individual’s identity and experience are crucial and welcomed. We encourage dance artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, BIPOC and all gender expressions to apply. If you are interested and want to know more about our background and experience, please feel invited to contact us.
• strong movement background (experience in contemporary dance, and/or further movement practices, such as urban dance, breakdance, martial arts, acrobatics, somatic practices)
• solidly skilled and deeply grounded dancer/mover/performer
• substantial experience of performing on stage
• experience and interest in moving in and as a group
• sensitive and intuitive, as well as accurate and specific
• capable of both boldness and fragility (from holding the space on your own to caring for others to feel included)
• persistence (Relational Flow´s multifocality can be demanding, and needs time and trust to unfold)
Application Material
• some information about yourself and your experience with moving/dancing/performing
• a text (max. 1 page) – or if you prefer video –, in which you explain why you are interested in taking part
• some video links where you can be seen moving/dancing/performing in a way that allows us to get a feeling of your presence and capabilities
Please send your material to this email address:
Application Deadline
1 May
As the first intro day will already start a week later (7 May) we ask you to apply as soon as possible. If we find your application interesting, we would like to contact you for a video talk.
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