Choros VI – Spectator Training with Gabrielle Cram 29.11.2018


Photo: © Rasmus Bell

29.11.2018, ab 14.30 Uhr

Somatic Spectator Training with Gabrielle Cram

In the installation setting of Choros VI
District Berlin, Bessemerstraße 2-14 12103 Berlin


Spectator Training (Open Level) is an applied space and movement practice within the installational setting of Choros VI and which seeks to sensitize your own body for space, relationships and gravity. In an explorative way and through simple scores and practices stemming from body work together with the performers we will investigate the kinesthetic experiencing of the existing performance in the shared space in our own bodies. Like that we draw attention to our own sensing as a form of active participation and tune it for possible (relational) modes of reception. The idea of the offered practice is a body-based spatial preparation, which consciously seeks to augment, deepen and alter the potentialities of being a “spectator”. It is directed at all interested and doesn’t require any previous knowledge. Languages spoken are English and German.

Gabrielle Cram, born in Falkirk, Scotland, lives and works as Dramaturge for Contemporary Dance and Performance in Vienna. Her research focuses on transpersonal agency within transmedia alliances and her applied movement research on mixed abled strategies. She is certified DanceAbility instructor, a movement form based on the principles of early Contact Improvisation and which understands the multiplicity, singularity and diversity of the dancing bodies from their potentiality within. The engagement in transdisciplinary fields and practices of translation—between genres, spaces, times, locations, languages—takes an important role in her work. Her practice is marked by diverse forms of mediation such as the creation of spaces for negotiation and contact zones for still open processes.

From 2014-17 she held the position of head of dramaturgy and research at choreographic centre Tanzquartier Vienna and she is member of collective ttp–Dance Theatre Performance (production, training and research) WUK. She works as translator, artist and as curator e.g. as Curator for Performance and Performative Expressions at electronic music and progressive performance festival donaufestival Krems (2012-14) and as a project curator for Vienna based art foundation Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (2005-08). Her research focuses on the fields of unlearning in the context of de-colonial practices, narrative hacking and transculturality. She studied a combination of Romanistics, Art History and Theatre, Film and Media Studies at University Vienna as well as Conceptual Art and Cultural Studies at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.