Choros VI – Talking Cure with Elisabeth Schäfer 30.11.2018


Choros V, Afterplace

When I ask you to talk about Choros this invitation comes out of a desire to talk and to talk about desire. To talk about the desire hidden and expressed in the piece, the desire to make and create, and to talk about the desire to visit and to watch, to feel, to listen, to explore and to be touched. The desire to understand, to explain, to think, to go beyond and let go. To talk about the desire to perform, to move and be moved, to be present, to connect. The desire to be more and other than one. To talk about the desire to participate and to share the desire.

Maybe talking is taking care – of the piece and every part in it.

Let’s try.

Elisabeth Schäfer is a queer-feminist Philosopher and Extern Lecturer for Philosophy (national and international), e.g. at the Department for Philosophy at the University of Vienna, Austria. Her work crosses the borders of Art and Philosophy. Currently she is writing her habilitation thesis on: „Writing Matters: Trans-Sensible Exposures. Writing as Arts-based Research“.


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– Editing of Journals/Selction: Together with Arno Böhler and Eva-Maria Aigner Elisabeth Schäfer edited the first bilingual Edition of the Journal PERFORMANCE PHILOSOPHY JOURNAL. Title of the issue: „The Concept of Immanence in Performance Philosophy“, Palgrave Macmillan, 2018. DOI: