Aeon (II) July 23 – August 12 2021 @ Tanznacht Berlin


Aeon (II), Laura Siegmund © Moritz Majce + Sandra Man, 2021


Live Installation at Tanznacht Berlin

Aeon is the time of the planet, geological transformations take eons. They exceed the presence of the humans, they embed them into the long duration of the landscape.

Open air at Landsberger Allee 320, 10365 Berlin
Entrance: Gate at the roundabout at Möbel Höffner
Free admission

Part I
Sandra Man: The Reunion
July 23 – August 7

Aeon II’s The Reunion is a continuation of last year’s work Aeon | The Stay. For three weeks, each week on two nights and one morning, the artist and writer Sandra Man, together with the dancers and performers Lisa Densem, Joséphine Evrard and Laura Siegmund, invite you to meet in the urban nature of a wasteland in Berlin Lichtenberg.

Joséphine Evrard at Aeon

Joséphine Evrard at Aeon, 2020

Lisa Densem at Aeon

Lisa Densem at Aeon, 2020

Laura Siegmund at Aeon II

Laura Siegmund at Aeon, 2020

Located next to the six lane Landsberger Allee, surrounded by apartment blocks and shopping malls, you will find a place opening itself up to silence, vastness and to the future.

In a live installation of three texts, dedicated to The Swamp, The Street and The Naked Earth, Lisa Densem, Joséphine Evrard and Laura Siegmund let themselves be moved by the real landscape and by imaginary ones. Delving into the deep times of the earth, we will come together elsewhere.

Friday, July 23, open from 19:30
Saturday, July 24, open from 19:30
Sunday, July 25, open from 9:00

Thursday, July 29, open from 19:30
Friday, July 30, open from 19:30
Saturday, July 31, open from 9:00
from 10:30 artist talk with Felicitas Zeeden, curator Tanzfabrik Berlin

Thursday, August 5, open from 19:30
Friday, August 6, open from 20:00
Saturday, August 7, open from 9:00

Doors will be open for one hour.

The area is freely accessible at your own risk. The daily Corona regulation of the state of Berlin applies. Currently open air no testing obligation.

Part II
Moritz Majce: The Clearing

Monday, August 9, open from 19:00
Tuesday, August 10, open from 19:00
Wednesday, August 11, open from 19:00
Thursday, August 12, open from 19:00

Together with Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos, Samuel Draper, Mikael Marklund, Moritz Majce will present The Clearing.

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Reviews Aeon (I):

Felicitas Zeeden “Zu Aeon – Spuren der Ewigkeit”
Laura Siegmund and Sandra Man on their collaboration
Beatrix Joyce on Aeon

A production by Moritz Majce + Sandra Man
Coproduction: Tanznacht Berlin

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Hilfsprogramm Tanz.

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