In Return – February 23-26 2022 @ Open Spaces Festival, Tanzfabrik Berlin


© Sandra Man + Moritz Majce, 2020

Space Choreography with Live Installation and Space Poem
Open Spaces Festival, Tanzfabrik Berlin

We are here, together. We are somewhere else, alone. Between the here and now of community and the vastness of being alone, In Return takes place. The work began as an exploration of paradise as a special place: space before the separation of body and environment, of life and death, of the divine and the earthly. Paradise is the origin of all living things and inaccessible to all living things. All species are united in it and each enters it alone.

In the live installation Habitat the artist and choreographer Moritz Majce creates a flowing togetherness with the dancers Ágnes Grélinger, Mikael Marklund, Florencia Martina, Dorota Michalak, and Sarah Stanley. Movements that relate to each other and to the visitors create an environment that passes through the bodies. Artist and writer Sandra Man shows Telos, a video shot with dancer Assi Pakkanen in the remote landscape of an alpine glacier. The individual human body connects with its environment, dives into it, steps out of it.

The visitors drift from the live installation to the image space. Between body and imagination, a movement of coming together, parting and returning emerges.

25.02.2022 Artists Talk with Sandra Man and Moritz Majce after the performance

Wednesday 23 02 2022 19:00
Thursday 24 02 2022 18:00
Friday 25 02 2022 18:00
Saturday 26 02 2022 18:00

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Address: Uferstudios, Studio 5, Badstraße 41A / Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin

SPACE + CHOREOGRAPHY: Moritz Majce VIDEO: Sandra Man PERFORMANCE LIVE INSTALLATION: Ágnes Grélinger, Mikael Marklund, Florencia Martina, Dorota Michalak, Sarah Stanley BODY COACHING: Sigal Zouk VIDEO PERFORMANCE: Assi Pakkanen IDEA + CONCEPT SPACE SUITS 3.0: Moritz Majce COSTUME DESIGN: Nina Loxton INSIDE EYES: Jorge de Hoyos, Moo Kim PRODUCTION: Tiphaine Carrère ARTISTIC TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Marc Lagies VIDEO DOCUMENTATION: Hana Khalil, Mariel Baqueiro STAGE HANDS: Hugo Baudouin, Pers Mastori, Bruno Aguirre, Merlin Andrae

A production by Sandra Man + Moritz Majce
Coproduction: Tanzfabrik Berlin

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds. With the kind support of Land Kärnten Kultur. In cooperation with Collmot Research/Skybrush.

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